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Monday, February 18, 2019

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Free Downloads

  File Name   File Type   FileSize
  Hoax vs FrontRunner - Fire Rises   .wav   80MB
  Sidhartha TranceKit42k14   .zip   9.2MB
  Waves Plugins Booklet   .pdf   5.7MB


Premium Downloads

  File Name   File Type   FileSize
  Ableton Live Psytrance Drum Rack   .zip   6.2MB
  Albino 3 VSTi Presets Pack by Sidhartha   .zip   5.3KB
  Bass Preset for Sylenth VSTi   .zip   562B
  HGRDA001 / Sidhartha - Timeless Relics   .wav   Album
  HGREP011 / Alienn - The Lesson of Friendship   .wav   EP


Gold Downloads

  File Name   File Type   FileSize
  Cubase Vintage & Newage Mastering   .zip   1.4MB
  Logic Pro Vintage & Newage Mastering   .zip   2.5MB
  Ableton Vintage & Newage Mastering   .zip   2.3MB
  Ableton Sidhartha Psytrance Template   .zip   19.9MB
  Complete Hypergate Catalogue in .wav   .wav   10GB


Coming Soon

 Karmacrop / Remix Pack Free 24.09.2014

  File Name   Download Type   Release Date
  Alienn - The Remixes   Premium   24.07.2015
  Compilation by Alienn   Premium   24.09.2015


Gold Users can access all files listed on this site and all Hypergate Records Releases in wav format.


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